Economics from the Outside In

"Better than Plowing" and Beyond

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Pub Date: 06/18/2007


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Nobel laureate in economics James Buchanan has been called—and indeed, calls himself—an outsider in American economics. Original and even unorthodox in his pioneering contributions to public choice theory and variously revered or berated for his influence on the economic policies that took hold in the Reagan years, he has stimulated a productive vein of economic inquiry and an important strain of public policy.

First published in 1992 under the title Better Than Plowing And Other Personal Essays, this collection of autobiographic writings was hailed as engaging, honest, and fascinating. The four new chapters of the present volume fill some gaps in his earlier reflections and add valuable assessments of the roots of his academic work.

Economics from the Outside In provides a fascinating look at the humble origins and academic development of a recipient of the Nobel Prize, the intellectual underpinnings of a key American economic policy, and the role of the academician in today's society.

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