Traveling between Worlds

German-American Encounters

Edited by Thomas Adam and Ruth Gross

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Pub Date: 05/12/2006


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In Traveling between Worlds, six authors explore the connectedness between Germans and Americans in the nineteenth century and their mutual impact on transatlantic history. Despite the ocean between them, these two groups of people were linked not only by the emigration from one to the other but also by ongoing interactions, especially among their intellectuals.

Christof Mauch’s introduction examines the history of the German-American exchange and of cultural exchanges in general. Focusing on various aspects of the German-American relationship, Eberhard Bruning, John T. Walker, Thomas Adam, Gabriele Lingelbach, Andrew P. Yox, and Christiane Harzig examine the cultural and communicative exchanges that occurred both between the two countries and within them. Topics such as travel, cultural interpretation, ideological and intellectual transfer, the immigrant experience, and German-American poetry are all considered.

Traveling between Worlds demonstrates that exchange was facilitated and maintained by ordinary individuals such as teachers and scholars, immigrants and natives, and held implications that last to this day.

Walter Prescott Webb Memorial Lectures, published for the University of Texas at Arlington by Texas A&M University Press

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