Firearms of the Texas Rangers

From the Frontier Era to the Modern Age

978-1-57441-934-4 Paperback
8.5 x 9 x 0 in
648 pp. 182 b&w illus. Notes.
Pub Date: 02/28/2024


Firearms of the Texas Rangers, which includes more than 180 photographs, tells the history of the Texas Rangers primarily through the use of their firearms. Author Doug Dukes narrates famous episodes in Ranger history, including those of Jack Hays and the Paterson, the Walker Colt, the McCulloch Colt Revolver (smuggled through the Union blockade during the Civil War), and the Frontier Battalion and their use of the Colt Peacemaker and Winchester and Sharps carbines. Readers will delight in learning of Frank Hamer’s marksmanship with his Colt Single Action Army and his Remington, along with Captain J. W. McCormick and his two .45 Colt pistols. 

“[Firearms of the Texas Rangers] will undoubtedly appeal to serious Ranger historians, arms students and casual readers. With a battalion full of fascinating original source information and interviews, Dukes offers riveting reading about the ever-changing guns, ammunition and tactics of this highly respected force. As a former lawman, Dukes knows firsthand the work.”—True West 

Published by University of North Texas Press