War Studies Journal 1

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Pub Date: 05/29/2024


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The War Studies Journal is a scholarly venue for those who want to write about the big topics of warfare, strategy, campaigns, battles, theory, military revolutions, and technological change. It is a journal for scholars who wish to read the best of contemporary scholarship and debate military history in a peer-reviewed forum that will appear annually in print and online. The objective of the journal’s editorial board is to publish cutting-edge military history from antiquity to the contemporary period that informs the past, present, and future. The goal is to create a space for the serious discussion of military history, including its diplomatic, strategic, operational, tactical, and technological aspects, both chronologically and thematically.

The editorial board solicits submissions from leading scholars, experts, and early-career professionals on wide-ranging topics that will interest specialists in multiple disciplines and across multiple eras. Each volume contains original research articles, one essay that explores the historical antecedents of a contemporary issue, and a significant number of book reviews.

Published by University of North Texas Press