Smurglets Are Everywhere

978-0-87565-415-7 Hardcover (Printed Case)
7 x 10 x 0 in
48 pp. 48 color drawings.
Pub Date: 08/16/2010


  • Hardcover (Printed Case) $19.95
What are Smurglets? Why, Smurglets are little creatures that make friends instantly, enjoy dressing up—and love to hide! Where do you find Smurglets? They’re everywhere!

Every page of this fun-filled poetry book is bursting with delight for kids and adults alike. Texas Poet Laureate Alan Birkelbach tells you not only where Smurglets come from, but using captivating rhythms, goofy rhymes, and wonderfully made-up words he tells readers from ages 5 to 50 why Ogres Hate Okra, about what happens when Blob Junior Goes to Camp, and the dire consequences of losing your Galoopa! It’s all wild and wacky!
Delightfully illustrated by prize-winning artist Susan Halbower, kids will return again and again to read about, and marvel at, Giggleville, Komodos, and Weldon Wing (The Armpit King!), not to mention all the other creatures and crazy situations.

Here’s a goofy excerpt from the poem "What’s on the Menu":

The wicked witch’s house next door
was made of gingerbread.
Since people don’t eat sweets as much
she used lunch meat instead.

What happens next? You’ll have to read to find out!

Parents will be reminded of the fun poems they grew up with, the poems they would memorize and then recite again and again. The topics include pizza and dinosaurs and anacondas—plus, wherever you look there’s a Smurglet! While the book might be targeted for 5 to 12 year-olds, everyone who is a child at heart will find something to enjoy.

Teachers will discover this is the new book they have been searching for at story-time and for teaching about poetry. It’s playful, entertaining, easy to read, and easy to memorize. Not too hard to understand, not too grown-up, and not too many pages—it’s the perfect book to get kids to read (and make them giggle.)

Smurglets are Everywhere! And soon you’ll see why!

Published by Texas Christian University Press