The Smiling Country

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Pub Date: 03/16/2006


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In the 1978 novel, The Good Old Boys, Hewey Calloway could not abandon the footloose cowboy way of life and settle down to farming, even for Spring Renfro, the woman he loved. Twenty years later, in this sequel, Elmer Kelton brought Hewey back, older, wiser, and badly banged up trying to break a renegade bronc. His wandering days are over, because of his injuries, because of fences that cut up the range, because of trucks and automobiles. But, how will Hewey handle the new circumstances of his life? And how will Spring react to his return? Readers who fell in love with Hewey will delight in seeing him back and following his new and different adventures.

Texas Tradition Series

Published by Texas Christian University Press