Author FAQ

For TAMU Press Authors

Some of the questions we are most frequently asked by new and prospective authors.

Are multiple submissions acceptable?

The answer to this question depends on what stage your proposal has reached. If this is an initial proposal, prior to the submission of the complete manuscript, we will accept your submission even if it is currently being made to other publishers. However, once we have requested a full manuscript for evaluation, we do not accept multiple submissions due to the expense—in money and time—of soliciting peer reviews and performing the editorial preparation and other labor involved. Full disclosure is the best policy at this stage.


How will I know if my manuscript has been accepted? How long does it take?

We try to respond to initial queries within three to four weeks. If the project looks promising, we will then arrange to have the manuscript reviewed by at least two readers outside the Press—people qualified to evaluate the contribution of the manuscript to its field. The peer review part of the process typically takes three to four months but can take longer and often does.


May I pay to have my book published by A&M Press?

Even if you or someone you know is willing to completely fund the publication of your book (a process sometimes called “subsidy publishing”), the Press does not accept works unless they meet the standards and criteria we have established. Some of our authors do obtain underwriting for their publishing projects, and while the Press encourages this and is happy to work with individuals and organizations interested in supporting our overall program or one of our areas of interest, we do not consider or approve any manuscript for publication unless it contains material of scholarly, historic, scientific, regional, or other interest in one or more of our targeted subject categories .


Will you show my manuscript to the rest of your consortium?

The Texas Book Consortium is a distribution group. Each member press has its own, independent editorial program. Consult the relevant press for its submission interests and requirements.