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By Guadalupe San Miguel Jr.
paper / 978-1-58544-493-9 / $21.95 s
Strikes, boycotts, rallies, negotiations, and litigation marked the efforts of Mexican-origin community members to achieve educational opportunity and oppose discrimination in Houston schools in the early 1970s. These ... More
By Marie Theresa Hernández
paper / 978-1-60344-026-4 / $24.95 s
cloth / 978-1-58544-630-8 / $45.00 s
Growing up as the daughter of a funeral director in Fort Bend County, Texas, Marie Theresa Hernández was a frequent visitor to the San Isidro Cemetery, a burial ... More
Guadalupe San Miguel Jr.
cloth / 978-1-60344-937-3 / $40.00 s

Much of the history of Mexican American educational reform efforts has focused on campaigns to eliminate discrimination in public schools. However, as historian Guadalupe San Miguel demonstrates ... More

By Arnoldo De León
paper / 978-1-58544-149-5 / $23.95 s
A century after the first wave of Hispanic settlement in Houston, the city has come to be known as the “Hispanic mecca of Texas.” Arnoldo De León’s classic ... More
By Thomas H. Kreneck
cloth / 978-0-89096-936-6 / $39.95 s
In Mexican American Odyssey, Thomas H. Kreneck not only traces the influential life of Houston entrepreneur and civic leader Felix Tijerina as an individual but illustrates how Tijerina reflected ... More
By Manuel Peña
cloth / 978-0-89096-877-2 / $27.95 s
paper / 978-0-89096-888-8 / $24.95 s
Texas-Mexican music, or música tejana, is not one single music but several musical and musico-literary genres, ensembles, and their styles, encompassing the corrido, canción, and what author Manuel Peña calls the canción-corrido. Música ... More

Edited by Arnoldo De León

unjacketed cloth / 978-1-60344-524-5 / $50.00 x
paper / 978-1-60344-525-2 / $24.95 s
In 1910 Francisco Madero, in exile in San Antonio, Texas, launched a revolution that changed the face of Mexico. The conflict also unleashed violence and instigated political actions ... More