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By Jane Rushing
Afterword by Lou Halsell Rodenberger
paper / 978-0-87565-094-4 / $14.95
By Winston Estes
Afterword by Bob J. Frye
paper / 978-0-87565-027-2 / $19.95

First published in 1970, “Another Part of the House” is a simple, direct, intimate story of family life in a small Texas town during the Depression.  ... More

Dan Jenkins
paper / 978-0-87565-399-0 / $18.95
Dan Jenkins' second best-known novel, Baja Oklahoma, features protagonist Juanita Hutchins, who can cuss and politically commentate with the best of Jenkins' male protagonists. Still convincingly female, though in ... More
By Edwin Shrake
Foreword by Dan Jenkins
Afterword by James Ward Lee
paper / 978-0-87565-233-7 / $16.95
This Texas Traditions Series reprint takes us back to the Lone Star State during the Cold War at the beginning of the 1960s. The postwar generation is in ... More
By Elmer Kelton
Afterword by Laurie Champion
cloth / 978-0-87565-207-8 / $21.95
In this novel, first published by Doubleday in 1985, Texas novelist Elmer Kelton returns to the Civil War period, once again examining, as he first did in Texas Rifles, ... More
By Elmer Kelton
Afterword by James Ward Lee
paper / 978-0-87565-054-8 / $21.95
By Loula Erdman
Afterword by Ernestine Sewell
paper / 978-0-87565-031-9 / $13.95

Elmer Kelton

cloth / 978-0-87565-412-6 / $26.50
paper / 978-0-87565-411-9 / $18.95
The Far Canyon, the sequel to Slaughter was published in 1994 and won Elmer Kelton his sixth esteemed Spur Award from the Western Writers of America. By 2002 Kelton ... More
By Dan Jenkins
paper / 978-0-87565-240-5 / $16.95
In 1935 Betsy Throckmorton’s father lures her from a New York job with Time magazine back to Claybelle, Texas, with the promise that she can be the editor of ... More
By Leonard Sanders
paper / 978-0-87565-313-6 / $17.95
Leonard Sanders’ sweeping epic novel vividly captures the history of Fort Worth, the wild and wooly city “where the West begins,” by following the fortunes of one family. ... More