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By Sherrie S. McLeRoy

hardcover / 978-0-87565-385-3 / $9.95
Quick! Do you know . . .
  • Which college was the first in the world to award a degree in jazz?
  • Which state had the most drive-in movie theaters?
  • Who was
By Judy Alter
hardcover / 978-0-87565-366-2 / $8.95
Texas just may be the state in the Union with the strongest masculine image. Our heroes, from cowboys to the Alamo to Stephen F. Austin and Sam Houston, ... More
By Judy Alter
hardcover / 978-0-87565-377-8 / $8.95
In Texas, “chef” covers a wide range of cooking styles. Included here are chefs who are heavily influenced by classical training, but there are also chefs who take ... More
By Patrick Dearen
cloth / 978-0-87565-392-1 / $9.95
Patrick Dearen went in search of buried treasures, not gold or silver or jewels, but untapped tales worthy of J. Frank Dobie. And he found for Lone ... More
By Don Graham
hardcover / 978-0-87565-367-9 / $8.95
From the earliest days of film, Texas and its colorful history offered promising story lines comprised of heroes, images, lore, and legend that filmmakers could return to again ... More
By Phil Fry and Jim Lee
hardcover / 978-0-87565-365-5 / $8.95
Texas Country Singers contains brief biographies of twenty-seven Texas singers. The artists chosen are traditional country singers like Ernest Tubb, Lefty Frizzell, Hank Thompson, Willie Nelson, and Ray ... More
By Carlton Stowers
hardcover / 978-0-87565-376-1 / $8.95
Heisman Trophy winners, All-Americans, All-Pros, MVPs and record-setters have, throughout the glamorous history of football in Texas, been all but commonplace. For decades, one set of superstars routinely ... More
By Melinda Esco
hardcover / 978-0-87565-396-9 / $9.95
Melinda Esco blended her love of Texas travel with an appreciation for wine and toured as many of the esteemed Texas wineries as possible. She discovered that, while ... More