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By Monte Jones
cloth / 978-1-880510-91-9 / $18.95
The character of Biscuits O'Bryan, Texas storyteller and cook for the I. O. Everbody Ranch, was created nearly twenty years ago by Monte Jones. At the time, Jones ... More
By James Winford Hunt
Edited by Robert F. Pace
Illustrations by Granville Bruce
cloth / 978-1-880510-95-7 / $19.95
"Because he has been criticized as a destroyer, a ruthless killer, and wastrel of a great game resource of a Nation, the buffalo hunter appeals to the bar ... More
By Elmer Kelton
Foreword by Walt McDonald
Illustrations by H. C. Zachry
cloth / 978-1-893114-38-8 / $14.95
“We four Kelton boys were rich. It was not because we had money, for we didn’t. Money was always a short commodity in the 1930s and early 1940s. ... More
By Elmer Kelton
cloth / 978-1-880510-85-8 / $14.95
My Kind of Heroes was first published by State House Press in 1995 as a collection of four selected speeches by Elmer Kelton. This revised second edition, or ... More
Carlton Stowers
cloth / 978-1-933337-13-5 / $14.95
In the middle of the Great Depression, nine brothers from a small town in the Texas Hill Country played a baseball game they would never forget—the All-Brothers Baseball ... More
By Tom Wideman
paper / 978-1-933337-02-9 / $14.95
Rattlesnakes are as much a part of West Texas as cattle, oil, and beautiful sunsets.

Author Tom Wideman, a former chairman of the World's Largest Rattlesnake Roundup held every

James Bruce Frazier
Foreword by Donald S. Frazier
cloth / 978-1-893114-43-2 / $18.00
Despite the Depression, James Bruce Frazier spent the best years of his childhood on the Cross Ell Ranch just west of Big Spring. Years later, as he reflected ... More