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By C. Wayne Smith
cloth / 978-1-58544-217-1 / $39.95 s
paper / 978-1-58544-218-8 / $19.95 s
Over the years, archaeologists have developed a number of techniques for conserving historical artifacts for future generations. Along with these techniques, researchers have developed a series of ethical ... More
By Terry O’Connor
paper / 978-1-60344-084-4 / $29.95 s
Animal ecologists can observe the present and reconstruct the last one or two centuries from historical sources, but the study of animal bones adds valuable insight into the ... More
By Mike Parker Pearson
paper / 978-1-58544-099-3 / $27.95 s
The archaeology of death and burial is central to our attempts to understand vanished societies. Through the remains of funerary rituals we learn not only about prehistoric people's ... More
By O. W. Bud Hampton
cloth / 978-0-89096-870-3 / $69.95 s
When O. W. "Bud" Hampton made his first visit to the peoples in remote parts of the Highlands of Irian Jaya in 1982 and 1983, he found that ... More
By Hong Shang and Erik Trinkaus
cloth / 978-1-60344-177-3 / $45.00 s
For more than a century, scientists have returned time and again to the issue of modern human emergence-the when and where of the evolutionary process and the human ... More

Edited by C. Britt Bousman and Bradley J. Vierra

hardcover / 978-1-60344-760-7 / $70.00 s
The end of the Pleistocene era brought dramatic environmental changes to small bands of humans living in North America: changes that affected subsistence, mobility, demography, technology, and social ... More
By Keith F. Otterbein
cloth / 978-1-58544-329-1 / $60.00 x
paper / 978-1-58544-330-7 / $25.00
Have humans always fought and killed each other, or did they peacefully coexist until states developed? Is war an expression of human nature or an artifact of civilization? ... More
By Rob DeSalle and Ian Tattersall
paper / 978-1-60344-518-4 / $29.95
Ever since the recognition of the Neanderthals as an archaic human in the mid-nineteenth century, the fossilized bones of extinct humans have been used by paleoanthropologists to explore ... More
By April M. Beisaw
flexbound (with flaps) / 978-1-62349-026-3 / $35.00 x
Offering a field-tested analytic method for identifying faunal remains, along with helpful references, images, and examples of the most commonly encountered North American species, Identifying and Interpreting Animal Bones: ... More
By Heather McKillop
cloth / 978-1-58544-389-5 / $45.00 x
paper / 978-1-58544-424-3 / $19.95
Stone temples rising above the rainforest canopy and elaborate hieroglyphs carved onto stone monuments give silent testimony to the high culture of the Maya ancestors of the indigenous ... More