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Roel R. Lopez, Israel D. Parker, and Michael L. Morrison
hardcover / 978-1-62349-502-2 / $45.00 s
This introductory textbook to wildlife habitat ecology and management offers students and practitioners the basic tools to understand, plan, implement, measure, analyze, and document efforts to improve habitat ... More
Chris Wiesinger and William C. Welch
flexbound (with flaps) / 978-1-60344-821-5 / $29.95
Dubbed the Bulb Hunter in a 2006 New York Times feature story, Chris Wiesinger took his passion for bulbs to vacant lots, abandoned houses, cemeteries, and construction sites throughout ... More
 Doug Welsh
Illustrations by Aletha St. Romain
flexbound (with flaps) / 978-1-60344-478-1 / $27.95
Think of Doug Welsh’s Texas Garden Almanac as a giant monthly calendar for the entire state—a practical, information-packed, month-by-month guide for gardeners and “yardeners.” With nearly 20,000 copies sold ... More
Henry C. Dethloff and Stephen W. Searcy
cloth / 978-1-62349-289-2 / $30.00 s
The abundance of agricultural production enjoyed in the United States is the result of a federal-state partnership that relies on land grant universities to respond to the needs ... More
Gale A. Buchanan
hardcover / 978-1-62349-369-1 / $35.00 s
The astounding success of agricultural research has enabled farmers to produce increasingly more—and more kinds—of food throughout the world. But with a projected 9 billion people to feed ... More
Stephan L. Hatch, Kelly C. Umphres, and A. Jenét Ardoin
flexbound (with flaps) / 978-1-62349-325-7 / $30.00
Covering 172 species of the most significant common grasses growing in Texas, this complete update of the now-classic Common Texas Grasses: An Illustrated Guide contains range maps and color images ... More
James Stubbendieck, Stephan L. Hatch, and Cheryl D. Dunn
hardcover / 978-1-62349-477-3 / $50.00 s
A vast swath of prairie situated between the Missouri River and the Rocky Mountains, the North American Great Plains extend across ten states in the United States and ... More
By Jim Kamas
flexbound (with flaps) / 978-1-62349-180-2 / $25.00

In this complete and approachable manual on grape growing in Texas, Jim Kamas asks the essential question all potential growers need to answer: Why do you want to


Robert B. Shaw

Photographs by Paul Montgomery and Robert B. Shaw

flexbound (with flaps) / 978-1-60344-186-5 / $65.00 s
In this new, complete Guide to Texas Grasses, Robert B. Shaw and the team at the Texas A&M University Institute of Renewable Natural Resources provide an indispensable reference to ... More

William C. Welch and Greg Grant

With Cynthia Mueller and Jason Powell

Foreword by Felder Rushing

flexbound (with flaps) / 978-1-60344-213-8 / $29.95
New edition of a classic work on Southern heirloom gardening . . .Heirloom plants belong in Southern gardens. Tough and adapted, tried and true, pretty and useful, these ... More