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By Alan Birkelbach
cloth / 978-0-87565-340-2 / $15.95
Birkelbach writes of the Texas landscape and its people with conversational ease, making his vivid descriptions shimmer through each poem. He balances the ordinary and the phenomenal, the ... More
Carmen Tafolla
cloth / 978-0-87565-689-2 / $19.95
Carmen Tafolla’s New and Selected Poems continues TCU Press’s series of collections by the Poets Laureate of Texas.

Named the first-ever Poet Laureate of San Antonio in

Dave Parsons
unjacketed cloth / 978-0-87565-395-2 / $15.95
Dave Parsons’s straightforward, vivid writing brings settings alive, shaping intimate portrayals of everyday life. His poetry speaks from the past and the present, balancing ordinary and extraordinary experiences. ... More
James Hoggard
cloth / 978-0-87565-583-3 / $18.95
As the Texas Poet Laureate of 2000, James Hoggard writes beautifully on themes of love, loss, and nature. His unique voice, visual imagery, and carefully crafted syntax take ... More


cloth / 978-0-87565-398-3 / $15.95
For years Jan Seale’s carefully crafted poetry has captivated audiences with its wit, sharp diction, and seamlessness. This eighth volume of the Texas Poets Laureate series discovers the ... More
Karla K. Morton
Introduction by Billy Bob Hill
hardcover / 978-0-87565-414-0 / $15.95
As the 2010 Texas Poet Laureate, Karla K. Morton believes that poetry is everyone’s art, and has carved her place in Texas Letters with this stunning collection.
With well-loved
By Larry Thomas
Edited by Billy Bob Hill
cloth / 978-0-87565-360-0 / $15.95
A mature poet, Larry Thomas has an extraordinary gift which has evolved through decades at his craft. Thomas explores the natural world of Texas—its animal icons like the ... More
Paul Ruffin
hardcover / 978-0-87565-409-6 / $15.95
The Texas Legislature recently named Paul Ruffin 2009 Poet Laureate of Texas. To those who read literary journals or mid-list popular books, Paul Ruffin is a well-known author ... More
By Red Steagall
cloth / 978-0-87565-341-9 / $18.95
Red Steagall brings the cowboy way of life to the public through many different media, including poetry. His poetry speaks in its own right, possessing a musical, songlike ... More
By Steven Fromholz
Edited by Billy Bob Hill
cloth / 978-0-87565-359-4 / $15.95
The songs and poems of 2007 Texas Poet Laureate Steven Fromholz tell of a life that began with “bikes and trikes and kites and trees” and has progressed ... More