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April D. Stumpff
hardcover / 978-1-933337-12-8 / $14.95
Ann Richards was one of the best-known and beloved governors in Texas history, the only woman to be elected to that office on her own merits. But she ... More
By Judy Alter PhD
paper / 978-1-933337-33-3 / $18.95
FEATURING 160 RECIPES and   Recipe for a happy family:

Start with a lot of love.

Mix in some firm rules, respect, a willingness to share, and a willingness to

Judy Alter
Illustrator Patrick Messsersmith
hardcover / 978-1-933337-08-1 / $14.95
Don Martín de León was the only Tejano empresario to settle a colony in Texas, in the days before statehood. Other empresarios, such as Moses Austin and Sterling ... More
Judy Alter
Illustrator Patrick Messersmith
hardcover / 978-1-880510-97-1 / $17.95

Mirabeau B. Lamar: Second President of Texas tells the story of one Texas's important citizens. Lamar was a brave Texas hero during the Battle of San Jacinto in

Judy Alter
Illustrator Patrick Messersmith
hardcover / 978-1-933337-01-2 / $17.95
Miriam Ferguson was a quiet, private person who preferred to stay home in her big house in Temple, Texas, and take care of her husband, raise her two ... More