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By James T. Bratcher
Foreword by Wilson M. Hudson
cloth / 978-0-87074-135-7 / $32.50 s
The first of the Publications of the Texas Folklore Society, Round the Levee, edited by Stith Thompson, was published in 1916. By 1972, thirty-six volumes had appeared, recording approximately ... More
Edited by Mody C. Boatright, Wilson M. Hudson and Allen Maxwell
paper / 978-1-57441-055-6 / $24.95 s
The state of Texas is fortunate in possessing a rich and varied folklore. This volume is composed of materials published originally in the first twenty-five volumes of the ... More
Edited by Francis Edward Abernethy
cloth / 978-1-57441-184-3 / $29.95 s
Texas has a large population who has lived on both sides of the border and created a folkloric mix that makes Texas unique. Both Sides of the Border gets ... More
Edited by Kenneth L. Untiedt
cloth / 978-1-57441-277-2 / $39.95 s
The Texas Folklore Society is one of the oldest and most prestigious organizations in the state. Its secret for longevity lies in those things that make it unique, such ... More
By Al Rendon
paper / 978-1-57441-302-1 / $19.95
Beautifully illustrated with 75 duotone images.

El Charro , or man on horseback, has represented the spirit of independent Mexico since he played an important role in the 1821 revolution.

Edited by Kenneth L. Untiedt
cloth / 978-1-57441-532-2 / $34.95 s
This Publication of the Texas Folklore Society has something for everyone. The first section features a good bit of occupational lore, including articles on cowboys—both legendary ones and ... More
Edited by Kenneth L. Untiedt Ph.D.
cloth / 978-1-57441-256-7 / $36.95 s
Death provides us with some of our very best folklore. Some fear it, some embrace it, and most have pretty firm ideas about what happens when we die. ... More
Edited by Francis Edward Abernethy, Jerry Bryan Lincecum and Frances Brannen Vick
cloth / 978-1-57441-168-3 / $34.95
The title and the idea for this book began in 1958, when Mody Boatright first published his essay, “The Family Saga as a Form of Folklore.” What Mody ... More
Edited by Kenneth L. Untiedt
cloth / 978-1-57441-471-4 / $41.95 s
“The Texas Folklore Society has been alive and kicking for over one hundred years now, and I don’t really think there’s any mystery as to what keeps the ... More
Edited by Kenneth L. Untiedt Ph.D.
cloth / 978-1-57441-223-9 / $34.95 s
Folklore is everywhere, whether you are aware of it or not. A culture’s traditional knowledge is used to remember the past and maintain traditions, to communicate with other ... More