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Edited by Bruce A. Glasrud

hardcover / 978-1-60344-228-2 / $45.00 x
paper / 978-1-60344-229-9 / $23.00 s
The history of South Texas is more racially and ethnically complex than many people realize. As a border area, South Texas has experienced some especially interesting forms of ... More

Fidel Hernández and Fred S. Guthery

Foreword by Wyman Meinzer

flexbound (with flaps) / 978-1-60344-475-0 / $24.95
In this completely revised Texas A&M University Press edition, Guthery and coauthor Fidel Hernández have breathed new life into a classic work that for more than twenty years ... More
By Timothy Edward Fulbright and J. Alfonso Ortega-S
cloth / 978-1-58544-601-8 / $50.00 x
paper / 978-1-58544-611-7 / $25.00
Originally published in English as White-Tailed Deer Habitat: Ecology and Management on Rangelands (Texas A&M University Press, 2005), this Spanish-language edition brings a valuable management tool to a ... More
By Timothy Brush
cloth / 978-1-58544-436-6 / $50.00 s
paper / 978-1-58544-490-8 / $24.95
The story behind the birds everyone wants to see

Halfway between Dallas and Mexico City, along the last few hundred miles of the Rio Grande, lies a subtropical outpost

By Jane Clements Monday and Frances Brannen Vick
cloth / 978-1-58544-614-8 / $35.00
The matriarch of one of the most important families in Texas history, Petra Vela Kenedy has remained a shadowy presence in the annals of South Texas. In this ... More
By Ken King and Alfred Richardson
flexbound (with flaps) / 978-1-60344-144-5 / $30.00
A Field Guide to the Woody and Flowering Species Covering the almost three million acres of southernmost Texas known as the Lower Rio Grande Valley, this user-friendly guide is ... More
By James N. Leiker
paper / 978-1-60344-159-9 / $19.95 s
When the Civil War ended, hundreds of African Americans enlisted in the U.S. Army to gain social mobility and regular paychecks. Stationed in the West prior to 1898, ... More
Edited by Leonard A. Brennan
Foreword by Katharine Armstrong
cloth / 978-1-58544-503-5 / $40.00
Nothing is more evocative of the Texas outdoors than the whistled call of the bobwhite. While the familiar two-note greeting is now just a memory for most of ... More
Leonard A. Brennan, Damon L. Williford, Bart M. Ballard, William P. Kuvlesky Jr., Eric D. Grahmann, and Stephen J. DeMaso
Foreword by Fred C. Bryant
hardcover / 978-1-62349-498-8 / $40.00 s
Authored by some of the state’s top wildlife scientists, The Upland and Webless Migratory Game Birds of Texas presents the most up-to-date and comprehensive information covering twenty-one species of ... More

Timothy Edward Fulbright and J. Alfonso Ortega-S.

flexbound (with flaps) / 978-1-60344-951-9 / $29.95
The original, 2006 edition of Timothy Edward Fulbright and J. Alfonso Ortega-S.’s White-Tailed Deer Habitat: Ecology and Management on Rangelands was hailed as “a splendid reference for the classroom ... More