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Douglas W. Owsley, Margaret A. Jodry, Thomas W. Stafford Jr., C. Vance Haynes Jr., and Dennis J. Stafford, et al

cloth / 978-1-60344-208-4 / $30.00
The Arch Lake human burial site, discovered in 1967 in eastern New Mexico, contains the third-oldest known remains in North America.
Since its original excavation and removal to Eastern
Edited by Ashley M. Smallwood and Thomas A. Jennings
hardcover / 978-1-62349-201-4 / $50.00 s
New research and the discovery of multiple archaeological sites predating the established age of Clovis (13,000 years ago) provide evidence that the Americas were first colonized at least ... More

Michael R. Waters, Charlotte D. Pevny, and David L. Carlson

hardcover / 978-1-60344-278-7 / $45.00 s
Some 13,000 years ago, humans were drawn repeatedly to a small valley in what is now Central Texas, near the banks of Buttermilk Creek. These early hunter-gatherers camped, ... More
W. Roger Powers, R. Dale Guthrie, and John F. Hoffecker
Edited by Ted Goebel
hardcover / 978-1-62349-538-1 / $50.00 s
With cultural remains dated unequivocally to 13,000 calendar years ago, Dry Creek assumed major importance upon its excavation and study by W. Roger Powers. The site was the ... More
Edited by Yousuke Kaifu, Masami Izuho, Ted Goebel, Hiroyuki Sato, and Akira Ono
hardcover / 978-1-62349-276-2 / $65.00 x
Despite the obvious geographic importance of eastern Asia in human migration, its discussion in the context of the emergence and dispersal of modern humans has been rare. Emergence ... More

Edited by Ted Goebel and Ian Buvit

hardcover / 978-1-60344-321-0 / $80.00 s
Who were the first people who came to the land bridge joining northeastern Asia to Alaska and the northwest of North America? Where did they come from? How ... More
Vladimir V. Pitul'ko and Elena Yu. Pavlova
Translated by Richard L. Bland
hardcover / 978-1-62349-330-1 / $60.00 s
This English translation of a work previously published in Russian (Geoarkheologiya i radiouglerodnaya khronologiya kamennogo veka Severo Vostochnoi Azii, St. Petersburg: Nauka, 2010) presents an overview of the ... More
Michael R. Waters and Thomas A. Jennings
hardcover / 978-1-62349-214-4 / $30.00 s
Roughly thirteen thousand years ago, Clovis hunters cached more than fifty projectile points, preforms, and knives at the toe of a gentle slope near present-day Elgin, Bastrop County, ... More
Edited by Douglas W. Owsley and Richard L. Jantz
hardcover / 978-1-62349-200-7 / $75.00 s

Almost from the day of its accidental discovery along the banks of the Columbia River in Washington State in July 1996, the ancient skeleton of Kennewick Man has

Edited by Claude Chapdelaine
hardcover / 978-1-60344-790-4 / $68.00 s
The Far Northeast, a peninsula incorporating the six New England states, New York east of the Hudson, Quebec south of the St. Lawrence River and Gulf of St. ... More