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M.J. Morgan
Foreword by Andrew Sansom
cloth / 978-1-62349-320-2 / $32.00
The Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge lies on the northern bank of the Rio Grande in South Texas, about seventy miles upriver from the Gulf of Mexico. In Border ... More
S. Christopher Caran and Elaine Davenport
Foreword by Andrew Sansom
flexbound (with flaps) / 978-1-62349-459-9 / $24.95
In the heart of the Texas Hill Country lies an astonishing place called Westcave Preserve, a 76-acre nature preserve and environmental education facility in western Travis County, near ... More
David K. Langford
Introduction by Rick Bass
Foreword by Andrew Sansom
cloth / 978-1-62349-332-5 / $35.00
While fog does not come easily or frequently to Central Texas, when it does, it inspires moments of quiet and reflection. David K. Langford captures those moments here ... More
Paul Walden Hansen
Foreword by Andrew Sansom

cloth / 978-1-62349-014-0 / $24.95
paper / 978-1-62349-300-4 / $19.95
Facing one of the most dangerous conservation crises in history—acid rain—lawmakers, industry leaders, and activists embraced an attitude of civil engagement that sought common ground and acceptance of ... More
Robert L. Gulley
cloth / 978-1-62349-268-7 / $29.95
Since the 1950s, competing interests for use of Edwards Aquifer resources—the primary source of water for more than two million people in south central Texas—were at war. They ... More
Rudolph A. Rosen
Foreword by Andrew Sansom
Illustrations by Katie Dobson Cundiff
hardcover / 978-1-60344-693-8 / $35.00
There has never been a greater need for raising the funds necessary to promote the causes that will help build a sustainable future. In Money for the Cause: A ... More
George Bristol
Foreword by Andrew Sansom
cloth / 978-1-60344-762-1 / $30.00

When George Bristol first saw the mountains surrounding East Glacier, Montana, in the early summer of 1961, he was, in his own words, awed to his depths. Thus

David Todd and Jonathan Ogren
Foreword by Andrew Sansom
flexbound (with flaps) / 978-1-62349-372-1 / $45.00
The Texas Landscape Project explores conservation and ecology in Texas by presenting a highly visual and deeply researched view of the widespread changes that have affected the state as ... More