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Kim Stanford and Bill Backhaus
paper / 978-1-57441-578-0 / $24.95
There are many gluten-free cookbooks on the market, but none like Goodbye Gluten! Roughly one-third of people in the US are either gluten intolerant or have celiac disease, and ... More
By Kris Rudolph
paper / 978-1-57441-218-5 / $19.95
Did you know that Pre-Columbian Mexican cuisine was low in fat and high in fiber and vitamins? Based on corn, squash, tomatoes, beans, and lean meats, the everyday ... More
Sharon Hudgins
With Recipes by Sharon Hudgins and Tom Hudgins
cloth / 978-1-57441-714-2 / $39.95
You can eat very well in Siberia. That's right. Forget the stereotypes of seal blubber and reindeer balls in Russia's icy north. People living in Siberian cities today ... More
By Mary Faulk Koock
paper / 978-1-57441-136-2 / $19.95
This delightful collection captures the flavor and diversity of the cuisine of the Lone Star State. The Texas Cookbook presents recipes ranging from down-home cooking to high-class affairs, from regional favorites ... More