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Donald E. Chipman

paper / 978-0-87611-251-9 / $15.95
 Cabeza de Vaca’s mode of transportation, afoot on portions of two continents in the early decades of the sixteenth century, fits one dictionary definition of the word “pedestrian.” By ... More
By James W. Pohl
paper / 978-0-87611-084-3 / $9.95
Part of the inscription on the base of the San Jacinto Monument reads: "Measured by its results, San Jacinto was one of the decisive battles of the world." ... More
By Ben H. Procter
paper / 978-0-87611-081-2 / $12.95
The dramatic story of one of the most famous events in Texas history is told by Ben H. Procter. Procter describes in colorful detail the background, character, and ... More
By Ralph Wooster
paper / 978-0-87611-171-0 / 0
Written by one of the deans of Texas history, Civil War Texas provides an authoritative, comprehensive description of Texas during the Civil War as well as a guide for ... More
By Michael V. Hazel
paper / 978-0-87611-163-5 / $9.95
Dallas first grabbed the national imagination in 1936 when it hosted the Texas Centennial Exposition. Since then, the fascination with “Big D” has seldom flagged. If the assassination ... More
By James T. Matthews
paper / 978-0-87611-205-2 / $9.95
In the fall of 1867 the United States Army established a permanent camp on the plateau where the North and Middle Concho rivers join. For centuries, this high ... More
By Robert Wooster
paper / 978-0-87611-139-0 / $12.00
This engaging, illustrated history of Fort Davis, one of the U.S. Army's most important western posts, relates the exciting history of Trans-Pecos Texas—the far western reaches off the ... More
By Lawrence J. Francell
paper / 978-0-87611-173-4 / $9.95
Today Fort Lancaster sits as a ghostly ruin in west Texas, far removed from any major highway. However, this frontier post once played a major role in the ... More
By Richard Selcer
paper / 978-0-87611-197-0 / $9.95
Fort Worth has been called "the City Where the West Begins," "Cowtown," and the silent partner in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. None of these descriptions quite tells the ... More
By David McComb
paper / 978-0-87611-178-9 / $9.95
Indians! Pirates! Rebels! Blockade Runners! Smugglers! Murder! Beaches! Beauty Contests! Hurricanes!

These are all a part of the colorful history of an island city that once called itself “The