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By William Goetzmann
paper / 978-0-87611-110-9 / $19.95 s
First published in 1959, this book tells the story of the U.S. Army's role in exploring the trans-Mississippi West, particularly the role of the Topographical Engineers. An interdisciplinary ... More
By William Goetzmann
cloth / 978-0-87611-135-2 / $29.95
In this classic work, Goetzmann argues that the exploration of the American West was not a series of haphazard adventures motivated by personal gain, but rather a series ... More
Edited by Barbara J. Rozek
cloth / 978-0-87611-183-3 / $29.95
A wide-angle portrait of Texas in the 1880s is typically a difficult picture to capture. But a unique government document of more than three hundred pages does it ... More
By David B. Edward
limited edition / 978-0-87611-098-0 / $60.00 x

David B. Edward moved to Texas in 1830 and recorded detailed observations and descriptions of Texas in one of the classic early histories of the state.

By Robert G. Carter. Edited by Charles Robinson III.


paper / 978-0-87611-246-5 / $29.95 s
When first published in 1935, On the Border with Mackenzie, or Winning West Texas from the Comanches, by Capt. Robert G. Carter, quickly became known as the most complete account ... More
By Lewis L. Gould
paper / 978-0-87611-121-5 / $19.95 s

This prize-winning account offers a well-written narrative of the Democratic party in Texas during the years when Prohibition dominated the political scene.

By William Ransom Hogan
Foreword by Gregg Cantrell
paper / 978-0-87611-220-5 / $24.95
In 1946 historian William Ransom Hogan, then a professor at the University of Oklahoma, published The Texas Republic: A Social and Economic History. The book became an instant classic ... More
By William C. Binkley
cloth / 978-0-87611-041-6 / $12.95
“Only a scholar as familiar with the Texas Revolution as Professor Binkley could have written this slim volume; anyone else would have used four times the space to ... More
By D. W. C. Baker
cloth / 978-0-87611-108-6 / $34.95 s
limited edition / 978-0-87611-113-0 / $85.00 x
A Texas Scrap-Book has been a most useful reference volume on Texas history since 1875. A much-needed index of over 6,000 entries has been incorporated into this new ... More
By W. B. Parker
cloth / 978-0-87611-064-5 / $21.95 s
This facsimile edition of the original 1856 printing of W. B. Parker's Notes Taken During the Expedition Commanded by Capt. R. B. Marcy, U.S.A., Through Unexplored Texas, in the Summer ... More