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Bob Alexander
cloth / 978-1-57441-566-7 / $32.95
Bad Company and Burnt Powder is a collection of twelve stories of when things turned "Western" in the nineteenth-century Southwest.  Each chapter deals with a different character or ... More
By Paul N. Spellman
cloth / 978-1-57441-227-7 / $24.95
James Abijah Brooks (1855–1944) was one of the four Great Captains in Texas Ranger history, others including Bill McDonald, John Hughes, and John Rogers. Over the years historians ... More
By Paul N. Spellman
paper / 978-1-57441-248-2 / $16.95
John Harris Rogers (1863–1930) served in Texas law enforcement for more than four decades, as a Texas Ranger, Deputy and U.S. Marshal, city police chief, and in the ... More

Chuck Parsons

Foreword by Robert K. DeArment

cloth / 978-1-57441-304-5 / $29.95
Winner of the Best Book Award from the Wild West History Association, 2012

Winner of the Co-Founders Best Book Award from Westerners International, 2012.

Captain John

By John R. Erickson
Foreword by Elmer Kelton
cloth / 978-1-57441-200-0 / $40.00 s
paper / 978-1-57441-203-1 / $16.95
Prairie Gothic is full of Texas lore. Erickson tells the story of people in the context of a specific place. This place, instrumental in shaping their lives, is ... More

Bob Alexander

cloth / 978-1-57441-315-1 / $32.95

Winner of the Best Book Award from the Wild West History Association, 2012.

Ira Aten (1862-1953) was the epitome of a frontier lawman. When as a youth

Bob Alexander
Foreword by Byron A. Johnson
cloth / 978-1-57441-499-8 / $29.95
The Texas-Mexico border is trouble. Haphazardly splashing across the meandering Rio Grande into Mexico is—or at least can be—risky business, hazardous to one’s health and well-being. Kirby W. ... More
Bob Alexander
Foreword by Chief Kirby W. Dendy, Texas Rangers
cloth / 978-1-57441-592-6 / $34.95
Many well-read students, historians, and loyal aficionados of Texas Ranger lore know the name of Texas Ranger Captain Frank Jones (1856–1893), who died on the Texas-Mexico border in ... More

Rick Miller


cloth / 978-1-57441-467-7 / $29.95

Winner of the Wild West History Association Best Book Award

In 1874, the Texas legislature created the Frontier Battalion, the first formal, budgeted organization as an arm

Chuck Parsons and Donaly E. Brice
cloth / 978-1-57441-572-8 / $29.95
N.O. Reynolds (1846-1922) has remained somewhat a mysterious figure, his Texas Ranger career being overshadowed by such names as Frank Hamer, Sam Walker, and Bill McDonald. Historians Chuck ... More