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By Ivo Tasovac
cloth / 978-0-89096-897-0 / $39.95 s
In American Foreign Policy and Yugoslavia, 1939-1941, Ivo Tasovac contends that Yugoslavia acted as an unwilling prop for American involvement in World War II. As a result of ... More
By Csaba Teglas
cloth / 978-0-89096-823-9 / $27.95
paper / 978-1-58544-640-7 / $19.95
When Csaba Teglas was confronted with the Nazi invasion of Hungary during World War II, the Soviet occupation following the Allied victory, and finally with the opportunity to ... More
By Luisa Lang Owen
Foreword by Charles M. Barber
cloth / 978-1-58544-212-6 / $34.95
Not all casualties of war die on the battlefield. In the wake of World War II, Yugoslavia purged its territory of the ethnic Germans who had formed a ... More
By Zlatko Anguelov
cloth / 978-1-58544-195-2 / $29.95 s
For decades Americans imagined life under Communist regimes to be grim, frightening, and oppressive. Not so, Bulgarian-born Zlatko Anguelov reveals in this eye-opening memoir. For the most part, ... More
Edited by Stjepan G. Meštrovic
cloth / 978-0-89096-770-6 / $34.95
Innocence may be lost in the post-Cold War West, but the imitation of innocence is evident in the social and political landscape of the 1990s. Eminent sociologist David Reisman ... More
By Frederick Quinn
cloth / 978-0-89096-786-7 / $29.95
From the sweeping changes of democratic reform to the bloody conflict of the Chechen Republic, 1993-95 was a tumultuous and critical time for Eastern Europe and the former ... More
Edited by Sabrina P. Ramet and Davorka Matic
cloth / 978-1-58544-587-5 / $35.00 s
With the fall of communism and the breakup of Yugoslavia, the successor states have faced a historic challenge to create separate, modern democracies from the ashes of the ... More
Edited by Sabrina P. Ramet and Danica Fink-Hafner
cloth / 978-1-58544-525-7 / $39.95 s
By Alexander V. Obolonsky
Foreword by Vincent Ostrom
cloth / 978-1-58544-224-9 / $39.95
In his introduction, Alexander Obolonsky notes that Russian history and life are full of paradoxes, most of them rather sad. Why, he asks, have the Russians, who have ... More
By Johanna Granville
Foreword by Raymond L. Garthoff
cloth / 978-1-58544-298-0 / $49.95 s
A Fascinating Analysis Based on Newly Declassified Documents from the Former USSR and Communist Bloc

On October 23-24 and November 3-4, 1956, the Soviet Union invaded