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André E. Guillerme

paper / 978-1-62349-065-2 / $29.95 s
Water is essential to human life, as mythology, religion, and history alike have recognized. Its availability has been a key determinant in patterns of settlement and agriculture, but ... More
By Joseph M. Petulla
paper / 978-0-89096-972-4 / $19.95 s
One of the chief problems of the American environmental movement is the definition of philosophy—the exploration, examination, and elucidation of ideas—of the many different causes that have been ... More
By William McGucken
cloth / 978-0-89096-479-8 / $44.95 s
Synthetic detergents rapidly replaced soap for most domestic cleaning purposes after World War II. Concurrently, great billows of foam began passing undegraded through sewage treatment plants into receiving ... More
By Sterling Evans
paper / 978-1-62288-001-0 / $29.95 s
paper / 978-1-62349-047-8 / $29.95 s
Before the invention of the combine, the binder was an essential harvesting implement that cut grain and bound the stalks in bundles tied with twine that could then ... More
By Casey Walsh
cloth / 978-1-60344-013-4 / $47.50 s
Cotton, crucial to the economy of the American South, has also played a vital role in the making of the Mexican north. The Lower Río Bravo (Rio Grande) ... More
By Dan L. Flores and
Foreword by Annie Proulx and
Afterword by Thomas R. Dunlap
flexbound (with flaps) / 978-1-60344-180-3 / $24.95
Twenty years ago, Dan Flores’s Caprock Canyonlands became one of the first books ever to treat the flat, arid landscape of the southern High Plains as a place of ... More
By Scott Hamilton Dewey
cloth / 978-0-89096-914-4 / $39.95 s
With the menace of smog hanging over an increasing number of American cities in the 1960s, “Clean Air!” became a rallying cry for a new environmentalism. Citizen activists ... More
Edited by Richard Kiy and John D. Wirth
cloth / 978-0-89096-832-1 / $27.95 x
paper / 978-0-89096-843-7 / $17.95 x
North American economic integration, principally through the North American Free Trade Agreement, is creating important changes in many aspects of Canadian–United States–Mexican relations. One of the important areas ... More
By Richard H. K. Vietor
paper / 978-0-89096-311-1 / $10.00 s
By Dennis C. Williams
cloth / 978-1-58544-143-3 / $39.95 s
In "God's wilds" John Muir found beauty, inspiration, and the courage to battle governmental powers for the preservation of natural landscapes. Through his writing and his activism (he ... More