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paper / 978-1-886661-06-6 / $11.95
July 1864. Grant's siege of Petersburg is at a standstill. A Federal regiment made up mostly of Pennsylvania coal miners, under the command of Lt. Colonel Henry Pleasants, ... More
Jeffrey L. Patrick
paper / 978-1-893114-55-5 / $24.95
In early 1861, most Missourians hoped they could remain neutral in the upcoming conflict between North and South. In fact, a popularly elected state convention voted in March ... More
By Donald S. Frazier
paper / 978-1-886661-09-7 / $11.95
1862. Admiral David Farragut orders enclaves to be established in Texas as part of the Federal blockade. This involves attempts against Corpus Christi, Sabine Pass, Galveston, and Port ... More
By Perry D. Jamieson
paper / 978-1-893114-06-7 / $12.95
Early September 1862 . . . Gen. Robert E. Lee's Army of Northern Virginia crosses the Potomac River and invades the North for the first time during the ... More

Steven E. Woodworth

General Editor Grady McWhiney

paper / 978-1-886661-10-3 / $11.95
In September 1863, Union Gen. William S. Rosecrans drives into Georgia flanking Confederate Gen. Braxton Bragg out of Chattanooga. Bragg, heavily reinforced, turns on Rosecrans and nearly traps ... More

Daniel E. Sutherland

General Editor Grady McWhiney

paper / 978-1-886661-13-4 / $12.95
Summer 1862. The Confederacy has suffered several important defeats in the Western Theater and faces a serious threat to Richmond in the East. Federal politicians and citizenry, perplexed ... More
Thomas W. Cutrer
paper / 978-1-933337-65-4 / $24.99
Empire of Sand is the story of the Southern attempt, in 1862, to open a path to California, thus securing a port on the Pacific Ocean. The port ... More
By Judith Lee Hallock
paper / 978-1-886661-04-2 / $11.95
It is September 1863. Gen. James Longstreet and his Corps ride the rails westward to join Gen. Braxton Bragg's Army of Tennessee in its efforts to halt the ... More
By Ethan S. Rafuse
cloth / 978-1-893114-36-4 / $29.95
Even though he defeated Robert E. Lee in the Civil War's greatest battle, George Gordon Meade has never enjoyed a prominent place in the pantheon of Union war ... More
By Charles P. Roland
paper / 978-1-893114-20-3 / $12.95
To Confederate president Jefferson Davis, America had no finer soldier than Kentucky-born Texan Albert Sidney Johnston. Following the outbreak of the Civil War, Davis turned to Johnston to ... More