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By Jan Jones
cloth / 978-0-87565-199-6 / $39.95
paper / 978-0-87565-201-6 / $19.95
In 1936 as Texas prepared to celebrate its centennial—100 years after the Battle of San Jacinto—Dallas was chosen as the site of the official exhibition. Plans were under ... More
By Patrick Dearen
Foreword by Elmer Kelton
paper / 978-0-87565-030-2 / $18.95 s


True tales and tall ones come

By H. Halsell
paper / 978-0-87565-225-2 / $19.95 s
By Gene Fowler
paper / 978-0-87565-091-3 / $19.95 s

In 1863 Sam Houston, physically and emotionally scarred by a lifetime of battles, tried the soothing mineral water baths at Sour Lake, TX.  Almost a century ... More

By Patrick Dearen
paper / 978-0-87565-159-0 / $15.95
The Pecos River flows snake-like out of New Mexico and across West Texas before striking the Rio Grande. In frontier Texas, the Pecos was more moat than river—a ... More
By Laurie Jasinski
paper / 978-0-87565-375-4 / $19.95
Where the Paluxy River now winds through the North Texas Hill Country, the great lizards of prehistory once roamed, leaving their impressive footprints deep in the limy sludge ... More
By Glenn Shirley
paper / 978-0-87565-404-1 / $17.95
Many people in northern Texas and southwestern Oklahoma still believe that the Marlow brothers—George, Charles, Alf, and Epp—were thieves and killers. In 1888 they were charged with rustling ... More
By William Potter and Richard Selcer
Illustrations by W. Potter
paper / 978-0-87565-146-0 / $25.00
Before cattle drives, Alliance Airport, oil production and defense industries, Fort Worth was home to the United States Army’s Second Dragoons. They came in 1849 (and left less ... More
By Oliver Knight
paper / 978-0-87565-077-7 / $16.95
By Frances Farris
Edited by C. L. Sonnichsen
paper / 978-0-87565-005-0 / $12.95