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By Mary Penson
paper / 978-0-87565-283-2 / $11.95
Billy Bardin and the Witness Tree is the account of a boy’s quest to save an important piece of Arlington, Texas, history and in the process convince his recently ... More
By Pat Carr
paper / 978-0-87565-332-7 / $11.95
In August 1914, recently orphaned Cooper Harrison arrives in El Paso to live with grandparents she’s never met. The minute the fifteen-year-old steps off the train, everything seems ... More
By Catherine Gonzalez
paper / 978-0-87565-139-2 / $12.95
In 1927 stonemason Zoli Mednick is chosen to carve a tombstone for a prominent North Texan. He moves his family from the community of Westland in Central Texas, ... More
By Peggy Freeman
paper / 978-0-87565-169-9 / $15.95 s
On the coldest day in Texas—February 12, 1899—Shyanne Jones and her twin sister, Shenandoah, are snowbound in their schoolhouse in the Panhandle, along with the teacher—Shyanne’s adored Miss ... More
By Frank Roderus
Illustrations by Walle Conoly
cloth / 978-0-87565-055-5 / $18.95
paper / 978-0-87565-095-1 / $12.95
By Julie Lake
paper / 978-0-87565-272-6 / $17.95
When fourteen-year-old Abby Kate boards the train in Austin to spend three weeks with her grandmother in Galveston, she’s full of excitement—about the train ride and the prospect ... More
By Marj Gurasich
paper / 978-0-87565-122-4 / $14.95
“A house divided against itself cannot stand.”—A. Lincoln

Continuing the saga told in Letters to Oma of the von Scholls, a German family immigrating to Texas in 1847, A House Divided tells

By Pat Carr
paper / 978-0-87565-262-7 / $17.95
For decades, a riot that killed three hundred people and wounded hundreds of others was scarcely heard of. But several new studies have focused attention on Tulsa's Greenwood ... More
By Isabel Marvin
paper / 978-0-87565-103-3 / $11.95
By Zinita Fowler
paper / 978-0-87565-045-6 / $14.95