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By Robin Higham
cloth / 978-1-58544-241-6 / $50.00
In Aviation and Air Power in the Twentieth Century Robin Higham, regarded by many as the dean of aviation historians, presents a critical history of British, American, Soviet, German, Italian, ... More
By Charles J. Gross
paper / 978-1-58544-255-3 / $24.95
cloth / 978-1-58544-215-7 / $35.00
Since the Wright brothers made their famed flight at Kitty Hawk in 1903, aviation has emerged as the indispensable arm of American military power. In this detailed and ... More
cloth / 978-1-58544-130-3 / $39.95 s
Chicago-O'Hare, DFW, LAX, New York–La Guardia. Across the country, Americans take for granted the convenience of air flight from one city to another. The federal role in managing ... More
By Erik Benson
cloth / 978-1-58544-500-4 / $45.00 s
A man without a country—a flyer with no place to land.

At a time when the Anglo-American relationship was riddled with suspicion and competition, Lowell Yerex, a British subject

By James R. Hansen
cloth / 978-1-58544-288-1 / $50.00 s
paper / 978-1-58544-243-0 / $24.95
The airplane ranks as one of history’s most ingenious and phenomenal inventions—and surely one of the most world-shaking. How ideas about its aerodynamics first came together and how ... More
J. D. Hunley
paper / 978-1-60344-987-8 / $34.95 s
In this definitive study, J. D. Hunley traces the program’s development from Goddard’s early rockets (and the German V-2 missile) through the Titan IVA and the Space Shuttle, ... More
By Janet R. Daly Bednarek and Michael H. Bednarek
cloth / 978-1-58544-257-7 / $32.95
General aviation encompasses all the ways aircraft are used beyond commercial and military flying: private flights, barnstormers, cropdusters, and so on. Authors Janet and Michael Bednarek have taken ... More
By Albert Helfrick
cloth / 978-1-58544-334-5 / $37.95 s
paper / 978-1-58544-413-7 / $19.95
Electronics in the Evolution of Flight traces the paired history of modern aviation and electronics through their births in the minds of early thinkers and dreamers, such as the ... More
By Matt Bille and Erika Lishock
Foreword by James A. Van Allen
cloth / 978-1-58544-356-7 / $40.00 s
paper / 978-1-58544-374-1 / $19.95
The First Space Race reveals the inside story of an epic adventure with world-altering stakes. From 1955 to 1958, American and Soviet engineers battled to capture the world’s ... More
By Rosalie Schwartz
cloth / 978-1-58544-382-6 / $60.00 s
paper / 978-1-58544-421-2 / $24.95
In this book, author Rosalie Schwartz uses the 1933 RKORadio Pictures production Flying Down to Rio to examine the interplay of technology and popular culture that shaped a ... More