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By Don Graham
cloth / 978-0-87565-182-8 / $22.50
paper / 978-0-87565-183-5 / $14.95
In Giant Country Don Graham brings together a collection of lively, absorbing essays written over the past two decades.

The collection begins with a twist on book introductions that sets

By Elmer Kelton
Afterword by Don Graham
paper / 978-0-912646-97-8 / $19.95
Edited by Don Graham
cloth / 978-0-87565-342-6 / $29.50
Don Graham brings together the history, color, and character of Texas’s capital city since 1839 when it was selected, on the advice of Mirabeau B. Lamar, as the ... More
By Don Graham
hardcover / 978-0-87565-367-9 / $8.95
From the earliest days of film, Texas and its colorful history offered promising story lines comprised of heroes, images, lore, and legend that filmmakers could return to again ... More
By Benjamin Capps
Afterword by Don Graham
cloth / 978-0-87565-012-8 / $19.95
paper / 978-0-87565-013-5 / $12.95