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By A. C. Greene
cloth / 978-1-57441-043-3 / $21.95 s
Undaunted by the furor caused by his first listing, A. C. Greene offers a new selective survey for anyone who wants to know more about Texas and Texas ... More
By A. C. Greene
paper / 978-1-57441-213-0 / $27.95
Short as the life of the Southern Overland Mail turned out to be—less than three years in its span—the saga of the Butterfield Trail remains a romantic high ... More
Edited by Jerry Bryan Lincecum and Edward Hake Phillips
Foreword by A. C. Greene
cloth / 978-0-89096-592-4 / $35.00 s
Collated from four overlapping memoirs, some not previously published, this extraordinary man's account of his life as Indian trader, physician, and naturalist is lively and abounding in humor. ... More
By A. C. Greene
Illustrations by Geoffrey Greene
cloth / 978-1-57441-017-4 / $16.95
“In the town where I was born and raised, everyone drove a few miles south to cut a tree. In that dry, windy country few of the cedars ... More
By A. C. Greene
paper / 978-1-57441-053-2 / $22.95
This book brings alive what one man feels about his childhood home. The place is West Texas, seen across a long vista in which today’s events and people ... More
By A. C. Greene
cloth / 978-1-57441-071-6 / $26.95
Master storyteller A. C. Greene re-creates one of America’s most bizarre holdups—one that began as a lark. On Christmas Eve 1927, four men set off to rob the ... More
Edited by Jerry Bryan Lincecum, Edward Hake Phillips and Peggy A. Redshaw
Foreword by A. C. Greene
cloth / 978-0-89096-768-3 / $35.00 s
paper / 978-0-89096-790-4 / $17.95
Edward O. Wilson has described Dr. Gideon Lincecum as "an American original, expansive passionate, and prone to make science out of what he could see with his own ... More
By A. C. Greene
cloth / 978-0-89096-842-0 / $27.95 s
paper / 978-0-89096-853-6 / $15.95
When veteran columnist A. C. Greene turns his eyes on Texas, he sees a variety of experiences and a scope of history that fascinate the rest of us. ... More
By A. C. Greene
cloth / 978-1-57441-042-6 / $21.95
Expecting paradise but finding a tourist trap, stodgy 62-year-old academic Charles Martyn, author of a dull but ubiquitous book about the American novel, can't help but be disappointed ... More