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Corinne Jones
cloth / 978-1-62288-018-8 / $40.00

Wallace Stevens’ “Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird” appeared  originally in 1917 and was subsequently published in his first book, Harmonium,  in 1923.  In a letter, Stevens ... More

Kat Meads
paper / 978-1-62288-039-3 / $20.00
2:12 a.m. is an insomniac’s tour of counterproductive bedtime stories, Vegas weddings, Southern funerals, Nevada’s nuclear testing grounds, Patty Hearst, Marina Oswald, sleepwalking murderers, Louise Bourgeois’s Insomnia Drawings and ... More
Mark Sanders
paper / 978-1-62288-150-5 / $20.00
A Sandhills Reader:  30 Years of Great Writing from the Great Plains is a retrospective anthology of some of the best work published by Sandhills Press, a Nebraska-based ... More
Mark Turner
cloth / 978-1-62288-032-4 / $20.00

Mark Turner’s beautiful children’s book, A Winter’s Tale: How Raven Gave Light to the World, is a sensitive retelling of the Native American creation myth, of how Raven, transformed ... More

Abby West
paper / 978-1-936205-33-2 / $13.95

Leap into laughter with the heartwarming story of Penny Ann and Alexa Jane as they shop for school clothes.

Diana Hueter
paper / 978-1-62288-009-6 / $16.00

Diane Hueter breathes life into her poetry by relaying the tales of past generations. Beauty and passion radiate from each selection.

Annam Manthiram
paper / 978-1-936205-43-1 / $18.95
In Manthiram’s After the Tsunami, Siddhartha, appears to have it all: a successful career as a schoolteacher in the United States, a perceptive wife, and a son and daughter who ... More

Benjamin Vogt

paper / 978-1-936205-57-8 / $15.95
Afterimage moves from the southern to northern Plains and the eastern Midwest, where the natural world calls out through deep lakes and dark woods, and finally through transient ... More
Suzanne Morris
paper / 978-1-62288-116-1 / $20.00
Springing from the London School explosion in rural New London, Texas, Aftermath begins more than forty years later, when the narrator recalls the dreadful day she lost her mother ... More
Translated by David Young
Illustrated by Gary Young
paper / 978-1-62288-076-8 / $20.00
Pablo Neruda’s Alturas de Macchu Picchu / Heights of Macchu Picchu, as translated by poet David Young, is a new look at Neruda’s long narrative poem, originally featured as Book ... More