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By David W. Keller
paper / 978-0-9707709-3-6 / $19.95
Below the Escondido Rim details the evolution of a legendary Texas cattle ranch and the historic background in which it evolved. It is a story about dreams as ... More
By Bruce A. Glasrud and Arnoldo De León
paper / 978-0-9707709-1-2 / $25.00
Webster's Collegiate Dictionary defines bibliophile as "a lover of books," or "a book collector." As such, Bruce Glasrud and Arnoldo De León have approached and accomplished the ... More
By Ron C. Tyler
paper / 978-0-89096-706-5 / $15.95
Since it first appeared in print twenty years ago, Ron C. Tyler's The Big Bend: A History of the Last Texas Frontier has become a classic. Not only does it ... More
Kenneth B. Ragsdale
paper / 978-1-60344-742-3 / $24.95
Having first visited the Big Bend in 1928, Kenneth B. Ragsdale has been digging around in and writing about the region for decades. In Big Bend Country: Land of ... More
By Dennis Blagg
Introduction by Ron Tyler
cloth / 978-1-58544-202-7 / $40.00
The rugged land of Texas’ Big Bend region is legendary. Towering mountains, austere desert, canyons, and rivers converge in a place of beauty, loneliness, and adventure. Fort Worth ... More
William MacLeod
paper / 978-0-87565-671-7 / $24.95
A superb souvenir of this exotic terrain, Big Bend Vistas takes you on five journeys that begin at Panther Junction and travel to Study Butte; then on to the ... More
Edited by Bruce A. Glasrud and Robert J. Mallouf
Foreword by Lonn Taylor
paper / 978-1-62349-022-5 / $35.00 s
The Big Bend region of Texas—variously referred to as “El Despoblado” (the uninhabited land), “a land of contrasts,” “Texas’ last frontier,” or simply as part of the Trans-Pecos—enjoys ... More
By Robert Keil
paper / 978-0-9707709-0-5 / $20.00
Bosque Bonito is a first-hand account written by Robert "Bob" Keil, a U.S. cavalryman stationed in the Big Bend during the violent years of the Mexican Revolution. From ... More
By W. D. Smithers
Foreword by Kenneth Baxter Ragsdale
paper / 978-0-87611-261-8 / $35.95
As a young teamster on a pack-mule train, Wilfred Dudley Smithers saw the Rio Grande's Big Bend for the first time in 1916, and it captured his imagination ... More
By Gary and Kathy Adams Clark
flexbound / 978-1-60344-101-8 / $17.95
This book will help turn every trip to Big Bend National Park into a memorable adventure. Veteran naturalist Gary Clark and photographer Kathy Adams Clark help you choose the ... More