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Winedale Publishing

Winedale Publishing is an independent publisher, founded in 1996, specializing in literary fiction and creative nonfiction. Our intention is to present a balanced list in both areas, comprised of work from new writers as well as from established writers whose material does not fit the financial parameters of the New York publishing establishment.
We will also be coming out from time to time with reprints of selected titles, both national and regional.
We remain small in order to lavish on each manuscript a high level of editorial attention. We also continue to emphasize promotion of our authors and their works as a vital part of our business.

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By Ken Hoffman
Illustrations by Howard Sherman
paper / 978-0-9657468-5-4 / $16.00
Nothing is quite what you expect in the quirky world of Ken Hoffman. He’s a nationally syndicated restaurant critic—but his specialty is drive-through burgers and fries. When he ... More
By Leon Hale
paper / 978-0-9657468-7-8 / $20.00
Hale's second, award-winning novel that tells the story of a flawed hero and the love of his life.
By Diane Cole
paper / 978-0-9701525-5-8 / $20.00
A New York Times Notable Book and one of USA Today's top books of the year when it was first published in 1992, After Great Pain remains both timely ... More
By Leon Hale
Illustrations by Buck Schiwetz
paper / 978-0-9701525-4-1 / $19.00 s
When Johnny Lancaster comes into Bonney's Place, he hopes to find answers. Somebody stole a sum of money from his father and he wants retribution. At least, he ... More
By Lynn C Miller
paper / 978-0-9701525-8-9 / $18.00
In this first novel of delicious wit and sharp observation, Austin playwright and professor Lynn C. Miller displays an unerring eye for the foibles of male-dominated departmental politics ... More
By C W Smith
cloth / 978-0-9701525-0-3 / $25.00
This intelligent new novel by well known author C.W. Smith examines the process by which a decent and well- meaning young woman makes a moral error with tragic ... More
By Desiree Lyon Howe
paper / 978-0-9701525-7-2 / $16.00
When caught early, prostate cancer is highly curable. Out of fear for the potential side effects of treatment, however, many men forego the simple PSA blood test that ... More
By David Horsley
cloth / 978-0-9657468-1-6 / $22.95
Into the Wind introduces to a broader audience the thoughtful, humane, wryly humorous observations of Amarillo Globe-Times columnist David Horsley. His perspective on contemporary life reflects his decision to ... More
Cassette / 978-0-940672-51-2 / $11.00
By Leon Hale
cloth / 978-0-9752727-0-1 / $24.00
From the beloved Houston columnist comes a new collection of his wise, tolerant, funny, and occasionally poignant narratives that appear regularly in the Houston Chronicle.
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